Talkeetna Caregiver Support Group – Offering a Life Line

Support groups bring people together facing similar issues.  Members of support groups often share similar experiences and support each other on their caregiving journey.  Sharing personal experiences and knowing that you are not alone can be very helpful and fulfill a unique need.  A great benefit of support groups is helping you feel less isolated and making those valuable connections with others facing similar challenges.

Sharing with one another and offering emotional support is an important part of a support group.   Coping with dementia or a chronic illness can be scary.  Having those sources of support can make an illness more bearable and a caregiver’s role less lonely.

When you first join a support group, you may feel more comfortable just listening and this is okay.   Over time, though, you will enjoy sharing your experiences and ideas that helped you cope with your situation.

Please come and join the Caregiver Support Group which meets the first Monday of the month at Talkeetna Sunshine Community Health Center from 10:00 – 11:30.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, August 7th.

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