Experts say a healthy diet means filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, one- fourth with protein, and the other fourth whole grains and other complex carbohydrates.

But, what if you don’t like vegetables more than meat, grains or junk food? That can be a problem. The solution? Sneak vegetables in your diet whenever you can.

1. Experiment
Salads are great, but the traditional variety may not taste so great for everyone. You don’t have to stick with vegetables you don’t like. If leafy greens aren’t your favorite, then don’t add too much of them. Instead add other vegetables like carrots, corn, potatoes, or any other produce that you prefer.

Once you find the right combination, there’s nothing better than a good salad- that’s the truth! Don’t get stuck here, find alternatives.

Tip: Roasting your vegetables is a great way to make them more appealing because they tend to be naturally sweeter.

Try this leafless salad recipe. 

2. Don’t like veggies? Eat more fruits!
Yes, it’s not cheating, my dear. Fruits are as nutritious as vegetables. There are many kinds of fruits you can choose from that can be eaten with your meals or as a snack throughout the day. The key here is to have more whole foods than processed, ones.

As for snacking, make sure your fruits are accessible and easy to eat. It is easier to choose healthy snacks when they are within reach and ready to pop in your mouth as easy as a candy bar or chips. So, prep them ahead of time and the healthy choice will be easier to make at the moment.

3. Drink your veggies!
No, it isn’t gross. Green smoothies may look odd, yes, but give them a chance, and you’ll be surprised at how delicious spinach and other leafy vegetables naturally sweetened with your choice of fruit can be!

An excellent way to start is by adding one type of leafy vegetable a day; our recommendation would be baby spinach. This vegetable is versatile, easy to blend, and is packed with nutrition. If you’re on a budget? Then red cabbage will give you the biggest bang for your dollar with the highest nutritional value at the lowest cost. Add some grapes or apple and you have a delicious purple smoothie.

If you’re not into the sweet smoothies try a V-8 but be careful to select the no sugar added flavors.

Don’t believe us? Try these simple recipes.

4. Choose recipes that use vegetables as the main ingredient.
Try making bean chili, quiche, curries, stir-fry or even good ole’ pumpkin soup. Here are over 2800 recipes with vegetables as the star ingredients.

5. Begin your day with fresh fruit or vegetables.
Toss some berries in your oatmeal or make these easy-peasy banana pancakes for breakfast. Start your day right with fruits and vegetables to satisfy your sugar cravings so you’ll feel more inclined to eat cleaner.

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