Do you ever feel like your thoughts are racing a hundred miles a minute? Or that there’s just too much going on and you can’t find time to breathe? Feeling anxious and overwhelmed may even be affecting your work and relationships. If this sounds familiar, mindfulness-based practices may be for you.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” –Marcus Aurelius

The thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we experience every day have an effect on our reality. Making adjustments to those daily thoughts, feelings, and emotions can enhance the quality of our lives.

Mindfulness involves purposefully paying attention to the present moment, without judgment or evaluation, and simply noticing the experience as it happens. Mindfulness has been associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, self-esteem, vitality, and authenticity. It has also been associated with lower levels of stress, anxiety depression, and anger.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is one tool that can help us learn to recognize and understand our thought and feeling patterns, with the goal of creating new, more effective patterns.

Finding a mindfulness practice that you feel comfortable with and can integrate into daily life routines or habits is important, especially when time pressures, deadlines, and tight schedules are important.

Sunshine is offering an 8-week MBCT workshop series that will help you practice being present and deliberately aware of our inner thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. You will learn several mindfulness tools to help you to become aware of body sensations, and emotions and to relate to them with an open, non-judgmental attitude. You’ll also get answers backed by science-based research to commonly asked questions like:

  • Why does being mindful help reduce the effect of negative thoughts?
  • What happens when I meditate?
  • Why should I become aware of the judgments I make?

MBCT workshops will help you better understand the workings of the mind, how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and gain a deep understanding of the concepts. You will learn and practice exercises that enhance mindful awareness during everyday activities and apply these insights to create a more balanced life.

Workshop series begins Thursday, January 9th and continues every Thursday at 3:00 PM for 8 weeks in Willow.



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If you have questions or prefer to register by phone, contact Kirsten Strolle  at: (907)-733-9263.


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