As children grow from year to year, so does their vision. During childhood there may be obvious signs where parents can tell that their child has vision problems; symptoms such as squinting, holding a book very close to their face, or complain about blurry vision. However, some vision problem signs are less noticeable. Here are ways to tell that your child may have vision problems.

1) Turning Head to the Side – You may notice your child turning head to the side to see better; this is a result of refractive error- including astigmatism.

2) Lose Track When Reading –Children who have vision problems may have difficulty keeping track of where they’re reading on a page.

Girl having trouble reading

3) Avoid Reading and Close Activities – Because of the difficulty in focusing up close, a child may shy away or be subtle in avoiding reading, drawing, or playing games.

The relation of your child’s success in school is closely linked to eye health. Which is why having regular eye screenings with an ophthalmologist is essential. Like many disease and illnesses, early detection and treatment for eye or vision problem pave the way for your child to do better in school. Consult your pediatrician for questions and concerns.

Image attribution: “Distracted Child Studying” and “Bored Child with Books“by amenclinicsphotos ac is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic ( CC BY-SA 2.0 )

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