Sunshine Transit Coalition started in March 2009 as an additional service of Sunshine Community Health Center with an ambitious goal to make transportation easy and accessible to all residents, no matter what their income level. Initially routes served the Talkeetna area but over the years Sunshine Transit expanded service to include Trapper Creek, Caswell, Willow and Houston with routes extending into Wasilla. With a total of 14 vehicles in service, Sunshine Transit now provides over 16,000 rides per year with 14 employees and is a well-recognized transportation company in the Upper Susitna Valley.

Sunshine Community Health Center has a practice of regularly reviewing company growth strategies and structure and assessing all alternatives. As part of a recently completed review, it was concluded that:

  • A changing landscape has created increased opportunities for funding and growth independently.
  • Separation of our organizations will bring a sharper strategic focus and better position for each to capitalize on opportunities available.
  • Separation is possible without distracting innovation and execution.
  • This is the best path for delivering sustainable services and value to our communities.

This July, Sunshine Transit will successfully evolve into a fully independent organization that continues to provide reliable public transportation to the Upper Susitna Valley.

Sunshine Community Health Center’s, Executive Director, Melody West, says, “We know Sunshine Transit will continue to provide excellent service and we look forward to their future success and our continued and mutually beneficial working relationship. We will continue to support them in every way we can.”

Sunshine Transit’s dedication in supporting the transit needs of our communities has helped to reduce a significant barrier to education and healthcare access in our communities, and we are proud of their growth, expansion, and service to our community.

Congratulations to Sunshine Transit and best wishes!


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