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Seeking care for your health at a health care facility should provide you with a safe experience that helps promote good health. This becomes more challenging amid a pandemic with a very contagious and potentially very harmful virus in our community. We are making extra efforts to protect patients and staff from unintended exposure to the virus. It is important to protect those of us in our community who may be especially vulnerable to the virus.

To help decrease the likelihood of viral spread, all people who enter our clinics are expected to wear a mask while in the facility. On arrival at the clinic, you will be screened for symptoms. To do this effectively, depending on staff availability, you may find the front door locked to control the flow of patient traffic and ensuring that all who enter are appropriately screened and have a mask to wear. If the door is locked, there will be a sign with instructions on how to alert the staff to your presence so that you may quickly gain entrance. If the screening process identifies concerns, you will be asked to wait in your car while a provider is alerted and appropriate steps are implemented to allow you to have your healthcare needs met. This may include rapid testing prior to your appointment and or transition to a telehealth appointment if appropriate.

If you experience any of the symptoms below, please call our office prior to entering:

illustrations of covid symptoms




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