Talkeetna: (907) 733-2273 ~ Willow: (907) 495-4100 ~ Wasilla: (907) 376-2273

Dear Community Members,

With a heavy heart, I must inform you that Sunshine Community Health Center (SCHC) is closing our Wasilla clinic. Unfortunately, it is financially unsustainable, and if we don’t act quickly to close it, we risk the imminent closure of all our SCHC clinics.

We have set October 28th, 2022, as our last day of seeing patients in Wasilla.

**Please Note** our Willow and Talkeetna clinics will remain open and operational as usual.

We are taking steps to address the transitional needs and ensure continuity of care for our patients from the Wasilla region as we begin focusing all our resources on Willow and Talkeetna.

For patient care questions, please call: (907) 352-1313.

Please be patient with us as we manage through this difficult transition. This decision affects many families, both patients and staff, and your support and encouragement are instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome from this.

Kind regards~

Joshua Gilmore, CEO


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