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Sunshine Community Health Center has a limited dispensary that stocks medications for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions managed by the Clinic’s providers. Please note that the Clinic dispensary cannot fill prescriptions from non Sunshine Community Health Center providers since it is not a pharmacy. NO controlled substances are delivered to the clinic and must be picked up from the pharmacy.


For refills please leave a message on the refill line at least 3 working days in advance. Sunshine Community Health Center will receive medications from 3 Bears on Thursdays only. Please consider this when calling in your refill. If you need a same day medication fill and do not have any refills on your prescription you will need to be seen by a provider before your prescription can be refilled.

Needy Meds

We know that sometimes necessary medications can be expensive. Various drug companies have programs that provide medications to patients for little or no charge if the patient is unable to afford the medication and do not have any prescription coverage. The drug companies set the income requirements for these programs.

Needy Meds Eligibility

If you meet the limited income requirements and have:

  • Health insurance but no prescription coverage
  • Medicare with no prescription coverage
  • You may be eligible for the Needy Meds Program.

If you have the following coverage, you may not be eligible for the Needy Meds Program:

  • Medicaid
  • Health insurance that covers medications

The drug companies require that a patient obtain assistance from their healthcare provider to apply for the Needy Medications Program.

Please note there is a $6 per prescription administration fee for Needy Medications.


For more information or questions please contact the clinic.