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In Memory

Jessica Stevens

Jessica was the guiding light in the development and growth of Sunshine Community Health Center (see SCHC history).  Her community, patients, and colleagues dearly miss her.


Jessica Stevens Community Foundation

Volunteers from northern Susitna Valley communities have taken on the spirit of Jessica Stevens as they build the Foundation named in her memory (see Jessica Stevens Community Foundation). Seeking to encourage compassionate health care, innovative education, active enjoyment of the natural environment, and community enrichment through the arts and cultural expression, Foundation directors are building an endowment that will support community efforts forever.


Jessica Stevens embodied this spirit as she worked tirelessly for 14 years to transform healthcare in the region. Her efforts transformed a single-provider clinic with a shoestring budget, into a federally qualified community health center with a staff of 40 health-care professionals housed in a new, state-of-the-art rural clinic facility. Until her tragic, accidental death in 2007, Jessica had been extremely active in the area’s arts community, always an inspiration for others wanting to give back to their community.

Jessica’s Garden

“Friend’s of the Clinic” worked over the past spring to put in “Jessica’s Garden”, a beautiful reminder of a beautiful person.