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New Patients

How do I become a patient at Sunshine Community Health Center?
  • Make an appointment at the Talkeetna or Willow offices by calling 733-2273 for Talkeetna or 495-4100 for Willow.
  • You will be asked for your name, date of birth, and phone number.
  • You will also be asked if you have health insurance and if you would like to apply for the discount fee schedule.
  • The scheduler will ask you to bring the following:
    • Picture ID
    • Current Medications
    • Medical Records, including immunization record if available
    • You will need to bring proof of residency (a bill sent to your home address with your name on it)
    • Insurance cards you may have including Medicare and Medicaid/Denali Kid Care
  • New Patients need to schedule an appoinment with the patient advocate 30 minutes prior to your medical appointment to ensure that all paperwork is completed prior to your visit with the provider.
What happens when I get to my first appointment?
  • Once you arrive you will be asked to complete a registration form (you may print the one at the bottom of this page and bring it with you filled out).
  • Sign a HIPAA document and information on the discount fee program.
  • You will have your picture taken.
  • Complete a Health History form.
  • Sign a Release of Information form to obtain your previous medical records.

If you want to save time and complete these forms in advance you can find them below in the “Patient Forms” section.

Patient Forms
Authorization for Care of Minor

Authorization for SCHC to provide care for your minor child. Also, authorizes other named adults to seek treatment for your child if indicated.

Authorization to Release Information to Anyone

Authorization to allow friends or family members to call and request results of tests, procedures and financial information about you.


Commercial driver medical examination report form.


Commercial driver's medical examiner's certificate form.

Dental Health History

Dental health history form for all aged patients.

Health History Adult

Health history form for adults.

Health History Pediatric Care

Health history form for children.


Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment and consent of SCHC's Notice of Privacy Practices.

Patient Financial Responsibility

Patient's acceptance of financial responsibility for services received.

Patient Grievance Form

A formal expression of dissatisfaction with some aspect of care or service that has not been resolved to the patient/family’s satisfaction at the point of service.

Patient Information-Profile

New patient registration. Also applies to patients that have not received care at at SCHC for over 1 year.

Permission for Family Access to PHI
Release of Information

Authorization for SCHC to receive your information from another medical provider or to send your information to another medical provider.

Slide Eligibility Application

Application for discount fee, based on income. Must be submitted to SCHC 48 hours BEFORE appointment.

Substance Use Form

Substance use assesment and history.

What do I do after my appointment?
  • If you need a follow-up appointment, please stop at the scheduler’s window to make your next appointment.
  • If your provider has prescribed any medications that will dispensed from SCHC, you will obtain them at the front desk when you check out.
  • It is important that you checkout with the front desk to ensure that all the necessary forms have been completed.
Billing Follow Up

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, Workers Compensation, and all major insurance carriers.

You can make payments on your account via our patient portal.

To have a bill reviewed our update your insurance information please call (907) 733-2273.


Use Quick Pay to pay your bill here.


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