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Suicide Prevention Awareness

Early in the 1960’s Bernard Mayes, an Anglican priest, set up an anonymous hotline for people who had considered “ending it all”, but who were also looking for help. He recognized a need and personally undertook fulfilling that need.  In the same spirit with which Mr. Mayes sought to “extend a listening ear,” we here at the Sunshine Community Health Center want to assure our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and veterans who may feel alone in their current situation and might have a need for a “listening ear” that there are those who are ready and waiting to extend that same nonjudgmental and unconditional listening ear that Mr. Mayes provided those many years ago.

Please call the Alaska Care line 1-877-266-HELP (4357) if you want to talk to a person about your thoughts of suicide; they are waiting to hear from you today.

If you are experiencing severe depression and would like some help, you can make an appointment to see either a behavioral health provider or a medical provider at one of the Clinics.  If you are concerned about someone you know, do not hesitate to ask whether they are considering suicide.  You will not “give them ideas”; they already have the ideas and will likely appreciate being given permission to talk about their thoughts.  You can then suggest making an appointment to speak to a professional about these thoughts.  If you believe a person is in imminent danger of doing something to hurt him or herself or someone else, do not hesitate to call 911.