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Updated: May 2, 2023

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Board members provide critical intellectual capital and strategic resources to power nonprofit success and strengthen communities. Each year hundreds of individuals dedicate their time and expertise to shape the future of nonprofit organizations in the Matanuska Susitna Valley through board service.

Are you one of those people?

You could be one of those individuals who:

  • is committed to sharing their time and talents to help make the world a better place

  • has specialized skills and expertise that could benefit a nonprofit board’s work

  • is willing to be an enthusiastic advocate for an organization and encourage others to get involved

Strengthen your skills

Serving on a board is a wonderful way to support a cause that you care about. But it also can be a powerful way to build your own skills and expertise. Individuals who serve on a board have the opportunity to:

  • develop and grow as a leader

  • cultivate new skill sets

  • expand their network of peers, professionals, community leaders, and community thought leaders

Want to know more about what we do?

Please plan to attend at least one board meeting before you apply. Contact the Executive Director’s Assistant at (907) 733-2273 ext. 2230 to get a meeting location and date. If you’re curious about what you’d be a part of and the wonderful ways we are impacting the communities where we live, learn, work, and play, look inside our Annual Report to learn more.


Is It A Good Fit?

Take a readiness quiz to find out if you’re ready and willing to serve on the SCHC Board of Directors.


Is Nonprofit Board Service Right for You?

Currently, we are seeking individuals with experience in:

  • long term planning

  • governance

  • risk management

  • finance

  • quality in health care

Serving on a board can be an amazing experience, but it is also demanding. Before joining the board here are four common questions to consider:


What type of experience is most fulfilling for you?

Board service is a form of volunteerism that can have a huge impact on the organization, but if you think that your sense of personal fulfillment requires a more hands-on volunteer opportunity, you might want to inquire about direct-service volunteering opportunities in the organization instead of board service.


How much time are you willing to put into board work?

Board members are legally required to fulfill their governing duties, which will require you to devote a considerable amount of time to the organization. The amount of time varies greatly by the organization, but simply planning to attend the board meetings is not sufficient. Board members must be willing to regularly review financial statements and meeting materials, and many board members will need to prepare for and attend committee meetings in addition to board meetings.


Are you willing to collaborate with others on a regular basis or would you prefer to work alone?

Boards are teams of committed and engaged individuals who work together to govern the organization. If you prefer to work alone, then board service may not be the right way for you to work with the organization. Consider providing pro bono professional services committee service or volunteering with events or other activities as alternatives to board service.


Do you have the willingness and the ability to assist a nonprofit organization with fundraising?

One of the primary responsibilities of the board is to ensure that the organization has adequate financial resources to carry out its mission. Many organizations have a fundraising policy for board members. These policies typically request board members to contribute personally. Commonly, these policies also stipulate that all board members participate in the organization’s fundraising effort in some fashion. Connections and introductions to donors, participation in fundraising events, personal notes on solicitation and thank-you letters, and direct solicitations are just a few of the ways in which board members can make a difference in terms of fundraising success. The amount of involvement in fundraising varies greatly by the organization, but prior to serving on a board, make sure that you will be comfortable making a personal contribution and asking others to contribute to the organization.


After evaluating these four questions, take a readiness quiz to find out if you are ready and willing to serve on a board.

Sunshine Community Health Center

1-907-376-2273 (CARE)


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