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Women's Health

Healthier Communities NEED Healthier Women!

Women have a distinctive set of healthcare challenges they face across their lifespans and are at higher risk of developing certain conditions and diseases. Research has shown that healthier women contribute to healthier families and communities. Here are some ways to promote your own health.

Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death for women. Annual health screenings for high blood pressure and other risk factors are important to prevent lifelong and debilitating heart disease.

Reproductive Health

Cervical cancer screening should start after age 21. Family planning and sexual health are important to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and prevention of certain cancers.

Mental Health

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. In fact, healthier mental health improves our physical health. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issues, please reach out. Help and hope are available to you.


Hippocrates said it best ~ “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. A variety of whole foods grown straight from the earth are best. Gradually replace more wholesome foods with your daily nutrition to push out the not-so-healthy choices and create great habits. We are literally what we eat! Don’t forget plenty of daily water to keep our systems working smoothly.

Sunshine Clinic would love to partner with you to support your healthy life. Schedule an appointment to start or continue your health journey today! Your health is important to us and your community.

Alaska Medicaid Coverage

Alaska Medicaid is in the process of setting up procedures to pay for breast and cervical cancer screenings. This change may affect who pays for these services, we encourage all eligible patients to enroll in Alaska Breast and Cervical for additional coverage. If diagnostic services are needed, Medicaid may decline and these additional services may be able to step in to cover those costs.

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