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Group shot of Sunshine Community Health Center staff.


Your care team is made up of several different staff members, each with designated responsibilities to help you lead your journey to whole-person health. Get to know our team better so you can select your

primary care provider.

Ruth Rosentreter, FNP-C

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Duronda Twigg

Registered Nurse, Chief Nursing Officer

Duronda's Sunshine career spans back to the 90s and Duronda brings a wealth of experience and a profound dedication to the well-being of our community. Her passion for community, nutrition, sustainability, and connection shines through in everything she does. As the overseer of our exceptional nursing team, Duronda leads with kindness, compassion, creativity, and innovation, shaping a healthier tomorrow for all. With her boundless heart and unwavering commitment, Duronda is a driving force behind our mission to provide top-notch healthcare with a personal touch.

Lynne Williams_SALTO_edited.jpg

Lynne Williams, RN

Nurse headshot.

Layla Micheli, LPN

Nurse headshot.

Samantha Bell, LPN

Nurse headshot.

Sara Heller, LPN

Sara Heller, LPN

"Sara was gentle and persistent to get the wax out of my ear. After a week of not hearing, I had given up, I thought it was a goner! Warm water and gentle persistence won it back."

Layla Micheli, LPN

"Layla is really caring and does a professional job. She did excellent wound care for my husband."

Behavioral Health

Sunshine Community Health Center’s Behavioral Health Team is committed to providing evidenced-based treatments to help you accomplish your goals.  Our person-centered, trauma-focused approach always puts you in the forefront to make decisions about your treatment and take strides to apply a recovery-oriented approach to our care-delivery. Our services can be provided in various formats: in-person, virtual, or in a group setting.  We utilize various tools and technology to meet each patient’s unique needs, while also helping our clients obtain resources to improve their ability to relate and function in the world around them. We look forward to meeting and working with you to meet your mental health needs.  Give us a call today to hear about our group schedule and provider availability.

Kirsten Strolle, LCSW

"Kirsten Strolle is an exemplary Counselor, a cut above others as far as her eclectic approach to helping overcome severe long term Trauma impact."

Care Management

Ryan Romans

Director of Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health Services

Meet Ryan Romans, our Director of Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health Services at Sunshine Community Health Center. With a keen focus on the interconnectedness of our lives beyond healthcare appointments, Ryan leads our exceptional care management team in identifying ways to support the holistic well-being of our community. Passionate about the vitality of small towns, Ryan brings a unique blend of fun, creativity, and compassion to his role. With a big heart and a commitment to nurturing community growth and well-being, Ryan is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Christopher Romans_edited.jpg

Maggie Wyatt
Community Health Worker

Care management staff headshot.

Helen Michaelson,
Care Manager

Care management staff headshot.

Lori Proctor,
Patient Advocate II

Jasmine Riversong_SALTO_edited.jpg

Jasmine Riversong,
Patient Advocate II

Renee Gunderson

Dental Manager

Renee, a native of Trapper Creek, returned to her hometown in 2017 with a deep-seated commitment to contribute to its welfare. A graduate of Susitna Valley High School's class of 2004, Renee embarked on her journey with Sunshine Community Health Center (SCHC) in 2018, initially serving as front desk staff before transitioning into the dental department. Amidst the myriad challenges facing the dental team, Renee's steadfast dedication and leadership have been instrumental in fostering a resilient and cohesive unit. With an unwavering optimism for the future, she remains poised to deliver exceptional dental care to the northern valley. Outside of her professional endeavors, Renee finds joy in skiing and fishing alongside her husband and three children. Her passion extends to her household, where she tends to her two dogs, twelve chickens, and nurtures aspirations of beekeeping and owning a miniature cow. Alongside her role at SCHC, Renee operates a small home bakery, delighting the community with her delectable creations.

Dental provider headshot.

Tyler Mann, DDS
Interim Dental Director

Dental provider headshot.

Timber Wulff, DDS

Staff member declined photo.

Tracy Martinson,
Registered Dental Hygienist

Jennifer Stankowitz Badge_edited.jpg

Jennifer Stankowitz,
Dental Assistant

Casey Bowen

Doctorate of Medical Dentistry

Casey was born and raised here in Alaska.  He graduated from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona in 2021 with his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry. He has four amazing children and a wonderful wife who also love Alaska and the great outdoors. He knew he wanted to come back to Alaska to serve the people in his community. He loves getting to know his patients and helping them get the best care that they need.

Group photo of Sunshine Community Health Center's management team.

Management Team

Staff member headshot.

Joshua Gilmore,

Staff member headshot.

Stephanie Stanley-Harrell, CHRO

Staff member headshot.

Paul Forman,

Staff member headshot.

Crystal Edwards, 
BH Director

Staff member headshot.

Gina McCullough,

Staff member headshot.

Bronn Salmon,

Staff member headshot.

Duronda Twigg, RN 

Staff member headshot.

Catherine Stankowitz, 

Staff member headshot.

Sierra Winter Smith, 
Community Relations Manager

Staff member headshot.

Jack Smothers,
Facilities Director

Brad Robeen_SALTO_edited.jpg

Bradley Robeen,
Maintenance Team Leader 

Board of Directors

Board member headshot.

Kathy Ernst

Board member headshot.

Mabel Quilliam

Board member headshot.

Mary Gunderson

Board member headshot.

Melitta White

Board member declined photo.

Vern Rauchenstein

Board member headshot.

Sharon Montagnino

Website Photos (3).png

Rachel Harrison

Board member headshot.

Annie Thomas-Landrum

Website Photos (3)_edited.jpg


Join a meeting with our Board of Directors

The 1st Thursday of every month.

Group photo of Sunshine Community Health Center staff.
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