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May - National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Updated: May 2, 2023

National Physical Fitness & Sports Month encourages individuals of all ages and abilities to get moving.

100 Miles in May

Sunshine Community Health Center encourages anyone who would like to participate to join our team in the Health Future's 100 Miles in May challenge. Don't worry, you can back-log any missed dates and jump right in. Click here to register.

Once registered, don't forget to join a team and search for "Sunshine Community Health Center" - if you are not comfortable sharing your information but still want to participate you can join as an anonymous participant.

How much physical activity is recommended?

For ideal health, growth, and development, experts recommend the following per age group:

Preschool Children (3-5 Years)

Be physically active throughout the day for at least 3 hours daily.

School Aged Children (6-17 Years)

Get at least 60 minutes of activity daily.


Get at least 150 minutes of activity weekly.

Complete strength training activities at least twice a week.


Get at least 150 minutes of activity weekly.

Complete strength training activities at least twice a week.

Mix in stretches and activities to improve balance at least 3 times a week.


Why is physical activity important?

Physical activity can IMPROVE:

  • Mood

  • Sleep Patterns

  • Blood Pressure

  • Blood Sugar Levels

  • Heart Function

  • Brain Function

  • Flexibility and Balance

Physical activity can REDUCE:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Weight Gain

  • Depression

  • Risks from chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke!

What are ways to increase physical activity?

Visit the Move Your Way website where you can find an interactive tool on how to build more activity into your day. You may be more active than you think! Visit the Alaska Play Every Day website for more information about physical activity for kids. You can also...

  • Go for a walk with your pet, family, or your friends.

  • Plant flowers or vegetables in the garden.

  • Take a 5-minute moving break every hour.

  • Ride your bike to work.

  • Go for a swim when the lakes warm up.

  • Contact Northbound Fitness in Willow for their schedule of classes.

  • Download the All-Trails app and start hiking.

  • Sign up for Pickle Ball by contacting the Willow Area Community Organization.

  • Sign up for the 100 Miles in May challenge!

This article was brought to you by Sunshine Community Health Center, Take Heart Alaska, and the Alaska Diabetes Coalition.

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